Paintball is a game in which participants are competing in a team or alone to expel one or more opponents, shooting and marking them with balls that contain paintball markers. The winner is the side or player who first reaches the goal or the last one remains in the game. Paintball can be played on exterior surfaces and within facilities called paintball terrains or fields. Paintball was used in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as an add-on to military training, and in some countries sometimes in response to riots and insults. In the last 20 years, paintball has become one of the most exciting extreme sports in the natural environment in 110 countries worldwide. It is estimated that paintball actively plays over 15 million people worldwide. A similar sport is airsoft.
More and more business organizations recognize Paintball as an inescapable Content Building Team event. Paintball is one of the few team games that encompasses the many elements that depend on the team building's success - recreation, concentration, building a common strategy, solidarity, fun and other. Paintball relieves employees, builds communion, creates a better working atmosphere, strengthens communication and helps more successful management.
Team building is a set of educational recreational activities whose purpose is to create a team that you can rely on.
The concept of the program implies finding a new environment, far from the workplace and the security of civilization. In other words, this is a series of fun, strategic games that your team of employees has to solve. They have to deal with the new situation, find and find solutions together. Of course teams have more, so they compete for each other for the better results.


Basic package

Mask, Marker, Co2 +100 ball

17 €

Start paket

Complete equipment + 100 balls

20 €

Extra package

Complete equipment + 200 balls

28 €

Multi package

Complete equipment + 500 balls

44 €


100 extra balls

12 €

Paintball target

30 balls

6 €